What’s the most powerful form of media? You name it – video does it! Utilizing video as part of your marketing will increase your brand awareness, open rates, and boost view time on your site. Once out of the price range of small and mid-size companies, rapidly changing technology has made video affordable and your best bet for ROI. By just using “video” in the title of a message, customers are more likely to look at it and stay on your website longer. Let us help tell your story. We can help create, edit, and produce your videos. We also can help optimize your video for search engines and incorporate them into your social media management strategy. Utilizing the Lead Dog innovative Do-it-with-You™ program you simply take a video with your mobile device, send it to Lead Dog, and we’ll send back a professionally edited video complete with titles, captions, and your branding! Videos can be formatted as 6, 15, and 30-second spots which are ideal for your website, press releases, third-party websites, YouTube, Vimeo, social media, etc. Best of all – it’s fast and affordable. Need a longer format? We can help with that too!


Long & Short Form Video, Corporate Video and Commercials.


YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and TikTok to name a few.


How it Works, Step-by-Step video, How-Tos and more.


Customer reviews, Testimonials and recommendations.


A Lead Dog exclusive – you shoot, we professionally edit.